Introduction: Toner Transfer Walkthrough

This is a very boring video with no soundtrack and no narration. I really should remove this. Sigh.
CAUTION: the rubber rollers are heated by strong heating elements coursing with mains electricity. If you put a copper board in there, you're in close proximity to mains electricity. Especially if the board has any water droplets still on it from being washed, this can give electricity a pathway to get between the heaters and the rollers. So always DRY THE BOARD THOROUGHLY before putting it into the laminator. Always WEAR RUBBER SOLED SHOES while putting a copper board into a laminator. Make sure you are standing on DRY GROUND.  

Toner used is third party. Brother toner does not work.
The tank I'm using is not heated, temp of approx 70F.
Etchant is a mix of ferric and cupric chloride.
Laminator is a stock GBC Creative Personal 9" Laminator, which I purchased for <$25.00, including shipping.
The board in the vid is 0.032" thick, single-sided, 1 oz pour. Since doing this vid, I've found out that it works much better if you shoot the board with a heat gun while it's going through. Also, this specific laminator cannot handle 0.06" boards for very long, before the gears start slipping. The board is too thick. You can take it apart and enlarge the holes for the top roller, and this will allow the use of full thickness boards.