Introduction: Tonight Show's Wheel of Musical Impressions Machine

This machine's inspiration is from a segment on Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon call '' Wheel of Musical Impressions''. You first press the button on the box, and it will show you a random singer and song on the LCD board. Then you have to imitate the singer's aria to sing the song that show below.

Step 1: Tools

To make a Wheel of Musical Impressions, you need:

1 Empty Box

1 Arduino (Leonardo)

1 Breadboard

6 Wires

4 Extension Wires

1 Standard Type-A USB

1 100 Ohm resistor

1 Press button

1 LCD board

After having these tools, you can decorating the box by color paper.

Step 2: Make It Up

Firstly, there are 4 connections on the side of the LCD, link the first connection on top with negative on the breadboard, link the second connection with the positive, link the third with the SDA hole on the Arduino, lastly link the forth connection with the SCL hole on the Arduino. Secondly, please make sure you link the positive on the breadboard with 5V on the Arduino and negative with GND on the Arduino. Thirdly, connect extension wires with the end of the press button and connect it on the breadboard, then link a wire to positive and 100 Ohm resistor to the the negative. Lastly, link a wire that connect hole No.12 with the positive side of the press button.

Step 3: Programming Up!

Before you write the source code, please first download ''liquid crystal I2C'' on your computer, otherwise the code won't successfully upload to your Arduino. You can change the singers and songs whatever you want, but you can't change the title such as '' Singers'' and '' Songs'', because it will effect the entire program working. Please check out my source code by clicking the link below.

Source code:

Step 4: Upload the Code Into the Arduino

After upload the code into the Arduino board, you should see the singers and songs show up on the LCD board, and when you press the button, the word stop moving. Your project should be like the video above.

Step 5: Drill Holes on the Box.

Now you have to drill two holes on the top of the box, one is for LCD board and one is for press button. Please measure the exactly size before you cut it. Otherwise it won't fit.

Step 6: Putting It in a Box!

Put the Arduino and Breadboard carefully into the box. Then fit the LCD and the press button into the holes you just drill. I suggest you to add tape at the button of the LCD board, because it might accidentally fall down.

Step 7: Close the Box and Finish!!!

After place the Arduino carefully into the box, you can close the box. And finish!! If you think the box is monotonous, you can stick some sticker on the box like me.