Introduction: Tonka Bulldozer Conversion

About: Me and my daughter just tincker together, and figured we'd share them with a crowd that may enjoy them like instructables.

This is my first test run with the bulldozer

Every since I was a kid I'd loved rc trucks and tonka trucks. Now that I'm older that love has never died. Problem is I have two kids and various bills, I'd love to take a few grand and buy a fancy all metal hydraulic rc escalator or front loader or a bulldozer. But honestly just not in the cards or practical for that matter. So like the budget conscious person that I am. I build my own. In my honest opinion this bulldozer can compete with the expensive ones. In this Instructables I will show you how I made my converted tanka bulldozer.

Step 1: Materials

1-robot platform out of China
1- rc motor controller
1- linear actuator 100mm
1- flysky rc Controller
1- 1980 tonka bulldozer t9

Step 2: Metal Cutting

Ok so this process was pretty simple. I took a regular small dremel with a small cut off wheel, and removed the bottom of the tonka truck. The reason I did it this way and not just motorize the original treads. Is because once the rubber wears out, I'd have to find a whole new bulldozer. Plus this looks cooler I feel lol

Step 3: Controls and Placement

The robot platform I bought out of China. I looked so hard for one like this in America but couldn't find one similar to this anywhere, took about three weeks to get here. After receiving it I placed my motor controller on top, my batter and on/off switch on bottom. From the ground to the platform is approximately six inches high, so there's alotta height there still for puddles and mud. The base is pretty cool I feel it was worth the wait.

Step 4: Blade

For my blade I just welded a small h frame out of crap steel, connected it to the blade and then to the platform. I had to extend a little bit to clear the tracks. Steel and welding isn't necessary. If you can't weld wood, screws work just fine. I used a fergeli six volt 100mm actuator the I connected directly to the receiver.

Step 5: Putting It All Together

Now that I got all my pieces I just bolted the bulldozer directly to the platform and added a little guy in the seat for coolness. I hope you like this Instructable even though it's not super detailed. Hopefully this helps you in your next build, happy building