Introduction: Tool Handle Wooden Car

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This article shows you how to make a wooden car shown in the photo from an old screwdriver handle.


items: old, wooden screwdriver handle, four plastic lids (for wheels), five small screws, small wooden rod (20 cm).

tools: saw, electric drill, drill (narrow and average thickness drill), vise, pliers.

optional tools: wood carving tools.

Step 1: Widen the First Hole

The first hole was already present in the old screwdriver handle. It used to hang the screwdriver on the wall. I tried to widen the first hole with a drill (for the wooden rods that will hold the wheels) and this was a big mistake. The drill would get stuck in the first hole. I ended up bending the drill.

Thus in the video, you see me using a wood carving tool to widen the hole. This was after I destroyed one of my drills.

Step 2: Drill the Second Hole

You can see that my drill got stuck in the second hole. However, it was definitely not as a big problem that I had with the first hole and I pulled it out easily with pliers.

Step 3: Insert the Wooden Rods

I used a saw the cut the wooden rod in half and inserted the two rods inside the old screwdriver handle.

Step 4: Drill Small Holes

I used a small drill to drill small holes. This is to avoid wood cracking when I screw in the screws to hold the wheels (old rubber lids).

You do not see in the photo that I also attached a fifth screw at the back of the car, to make it look like a rocket car.

Because I was afraid to crack the old screwdriver handle with a very thick drill, the holes that I made did not have sufficient width that would allow an easy and fast rotation/movement of the rods. Thus the car wheels and rods are not moving.

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