Tool Holder

Introduction: Tool Holder

Due to the ongoing pandemic, the students in our school need to sit in tables distanced from each other, each with a set of stationery like rulers and pens. But it turned out the stationary quickly went either missing or unorganized. So our teacher wanted us to design a holder to keep everything in so they won't be unorganized and kept clean so they can be constantly disinfected.

Step 1: The First Design

At first I came up with this design. It is basically a tool box hanged on the side of the table, so it will not occupy any space on the table. But it is hard to keep it stabilized.

Step 2: The Final Design

This is our final design. It is much simpler than the last one, and it would be put on the desk so there will be no need to stabilize it. The different "tube" it has would offer spaces for different tools.

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