Introduction: Tool Rack/ Holder

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for this project you will need:
a table saw
a cut off saw
a drill press
a hand drill
a sander
tape measure
wood glue
some small clamps
planer (optional)
1/8th dowel
1/8th drill bits
forstner bits

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Step 1: Design and Wood

i drew a quick sketch of what i wanted my end product to be on a piece of scrap.

then i went to my maple wood pile that i made using my last instructable.

i picked a piece of wood big enough for my project. mine was about 15" long x 5" wide x about 1" thick.

Step 2: Rip It

i ripped my piece on the table saw in half. so i had 2 pieces that measure 15x5"

Step 3: Plane (optional)

i sent them through the planer because i had a rough side on one piece.

however this also made sure both of my pieces were both the same thickness.

Step 4:

i cut off about an inch to clean up the edge to prevent a weak side.

Step 5:

cut your top on the table saw from 5" down to 3"

Step 6:

i then cut my height of my holder (3") off the end of both of my top and bottom boards. then cut both down again to my final desired 10"

Step 7: Making the Tray

i took my bottom board and measured in a 1/4" to use as a border.

then with the forstner bit i used, i took the centre and marked it length wise across my base/bottom board also making marks to the outer most measurement i wanted to go.

when setting up your drill press be sure the bit will not go all the way through.

Step 8: Drill

drill across your line making sure you don't go past your border marks

Step 9:

then chisel all your drill points together to make a long channel, and sand to your content

Step 10:

set up your top board with the hole layout, and have a good idea of the sizes of holes you need.

keep the same drill press set up you used for your tray portion of your project.

clamp your top and bottom board together so they are square to each other, and drill your holes so they go partially through your bottom board.

Step 11: Assembly

i measured very carefully as to where my 1/8th inch holes would go and drilled them by hand into all my edges and top and bottom so they all match.

Step 12:

glue in your dowels and slide your top and bottom into place, get some glue on the edges of your joining pieces.

them clamp it all together.

Step 13:

when dry use a sharp knife and your chisles to clean up those dowels.

Step 14: Final Sand

i gave it a final sand to take down the hard edges.

clear coat, varnish, or paint to your liking. i will be leaving mine plain.

Step 15: Fill With Tools

fill with your desired tools. I'm planning on using this one for my leather craft tools!

good luck and have fun!

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