Introduction: Toolbox

This instructable shows how to make a modular toolbox using a lasercutter and sewing machine.

Step 1: Supplies and Tools

-sewing machine


-triplex plate 4mm (6times : 450mmx600mm)
-48 wing nuts
-metal piece 30cm
-lint 2m

-1,3 m^2 thick fabric
-2m (orange) strap band
-2m elastic band (16mm and 40mm)
-lining 2m (or leftover fabric)
-4 backpack rings clips
-4 backpack hooks clips
-30cm of velcro
-2 span buckles
-orange thread

Step 2: Lasercut Toolbox

Use the attached illustrator file to lasercut the toolbox on a 4mm triplex plate.
The lasercutting will take about 2 hours.

Step 3: Organizing Toolbox

1) Attach your tool to the small templates with an elastic band(16mm). Finish the elastic band by pressing a metal piece on the end.

2)Attach the big templates to the small templates by using the bolts and wing nuts.

3) Use the lasercut clips to attach the big templates to each other. Use the lint of 20mm for this.

Step 4: Backpack

1. Cut out the pattern

2. Sew in the lining after you folded the borders of the black fabric.

3. Sew the foam on the back

4. Sew on the velcro

5. Sew on the big elastic band(40mm) to hold the 'flap' up.

6. Sew on the strap with the plastic rings

7. Sew on the straps for the backpack connection

8.Cut out a hole for the templates

Step 5: Use of Toolbox

Use the big templates to hang on clothes hangers.

Step 6: Use of the Backpack