Toolbox With Homemade Materials

Introduction: Toolbox With Homemade Materials

Hello, I made this toolbox to make sure that my user where my things are and because he has many materials and they are all scattered around my house so I made this to make sure my user knows where everything is. To make this toolbox I followed a document that helped me plan my toolbox and it made me make sure I was doing and help what my user needed. I tried to make the best toolbox possible while having fun and I found out I really enjoy building things because I enjoy looking at how things look when they start and when they are finished. While making this toolbox I really focused on fixing the constraints that my user has because even if this wasn't the best toolbox at least it could fit what my user needed.


I tried to use materials I had at home and I used, nails, glue for the wood, wood, hammer, and a ruler.

Step 1: Planning

To make this project I used my planner document that had everything that I needed to fill my user's needs. I make 10 sketches of what I needed and got all the materials to make the perfect toolbox for my user. I used simple materials to make sure I didn't struggle with my box.

Step 2: Building

After I cut all the wood to make it perfect for the size my user wanted. I began building my toolbox by using the glue for the wood and used a hammer to make sure it was perfect and couldn't be destroyed easily. I also used the hammer to make the lid. And for the final step I made sure everything was well pasted together and that quickly I made a homemade toolbox.

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    2 years ago

    You needed a square I think and a bit more experience before you post on here . That's a horrible example. The messes some people make .