Introduction: Tools Cabinet With Rolling Door

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I was lucky enough to find a wooden cabinet with a perfectly front rolling door in the dumpster,

I decided it would be the basis for my tool cabinet.

After a long time in which I stored my tools in tool boxes, I decided that it was time to arrange them so that they would hang in front of my eyes and I would not have to spend much time looking for them.

Sometimes I even forgot that I had a certain tool because of the mess in the toolboxes.

Today most of my work is done at home and so I do not need to take the tools to other places so this is an excellent solution for me.

Now I just open the tool cabinet and immediately start working.

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Thank you!

Step 1: Sort by Categories

First I cleaned and sealed holes in the closet, and took down the Formica coating that was cracked and began to peel off.

I took all the tools out of the boxes to see the variety of tools and sorted them into categories according to technology:

wood, metal, measuring tools, screwdrivers and so on.

Step 2: Methods for Hanging the Tools

I used several different methods for hanging the tools:

1. Wood sticks - Drill and insert , I like this method because you can change places in the future.

2. Nails - good for Tools with a narrow built-in hole.

3. Screws - good for tools that tend to fall, The tip of the screw prevents them from falling.

4. Magnets - good for attaching metal tools So they will not move, rulers for example.

Step 3: Wood Sticks

I bought wooden sticks 8 mm thick.

I held each tool against the back of the cabinet and marked in pencil the locations for the drilling.

I drilled with an 8 mm drill marked with a masking tape the desired depth for drilling.

I sawed the wooden sticks 4-5 cm long, I smoothed the edges and tapped them with a hammer.

Tight tolerance keeps them in place without moving, in the future if I want to change locations I can just pull them out, or saw them.

Step 4: Hanger for Screwdrivers and Chisels

I made a shelf with holes and grooves for screwdrivers and chisels.

At first I arranged all the Screwdrivers and chisels on the table and measured the gaps between them and the diameter of each one.

I took a wooden profile (20x40 mm) and marked it for drilling, I cut the edges at a 45-degree angle so there was room for a screw to hold it to the cabinet.

I drilled 10 mm holes for all the tools

and to the chisels I also opened a groove with my Jig-Saw.

Then I sand everything with Orbit Sander.

Step 5:

Step 6: Broomstick

From the broomstick I made a rack for the clamps.

In the picture you can see a nice method for quick sanding of the stick.

I attached a screw to the stick and I grabbed the top of the screw with the drill ,

I turned it around and smoothed it with sandpaper.

Step 7: Security

Because the closet outside I decided to add a lock option.

I drilled holes and connected the Locking device with Rivets.

Step 8: Tools & Materials


Drill Impact driver:
Orbit Sander:

Heat Gun:

Jig saw:


Pencil Tape

Digital caliber:



8 mm drill

8.5 mm drill

10 mm drill

Protective glasses


Breathing mask

Ear protectors

Go-pro :



Wood screws M4x30

Wood sticks 8mm

Strong Magnet 8.5 mm

wooden profile 20x40 mm


Sanding papers 150, 400


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