Tools Organizer - Made With 3d Parts and OJ Funnels




Introduction: Tools Organizer - Made With 3d Parts and OJ Funnels

To explain it at first, OJ Funnels in this case isn't a particular person, it just means a main part of this project:

"The orange juice funnel"

The funnel itself is part of the orange juice bottle made from plastic and gets dropped into the trash or recycling bin, after the content is empty. - Until now.

This handy tool organizer is a hybrid unit made from recycling material and 3d printed parts. My main thought was how can i make a tool -, especially screwdrivers, organizer with 3dprint parts easily and recycle material. Also it has to be handy and easy access to the content.

At least the result was that three parts where needed and some meters of filament where saved. Also the main part is transparent and allows a peek inside.

Step 1: The Materials

The main part, the bottle is a 1 liter (Orange) juice bottle which is sold in the most supermarkets here in Germany. I'm sure there are similar bottles sold in your country.

The bottles diameter should have ~ 84 mm , but we use the top part, the funnel which gets cut at the point of 81 mm diameter. That's the advantage of a funnel: it has many diameters at a glance. Depending of the shape the height of the organize will vary.

The cap of the bottle should have ~ 42 mm diameter to fit into the stand without glue while pressing it in.

Also you have to get the two parts above printed.

Additionally you may need a drop of glue to fix the cap or the top part.

When the ring is printed you have to control if the gap is is fine. Otherwise clean carefully it with a sharp tiny knife. Depending to the slicer settings, the start of the perimeters are on the same place and result in a spot which will clog the gap.

I've printed the parts with 0,2 mm layer height and two perimeters with 25% infill.

Step 2: Build One

Unscrew the cap and press it in the stand like show in the picture.

Now cut the bottle raw above the funnel part and cut it with scissors fine until it reaches the diameter which fits into the gap of the ring. It will be a little challenge, but it can not fit it until the diameter is slightly larger than the gap. The gap is made to fit without glue in best case and has no space for overhangs.

Anyway, make the funnel in small steps shorter until it fits perfectly. If you cut it too short, there is no way back. Just drink another bottle empty and start again.

If all fits, thread the funnels edge into the gap and push it in. Fix it with a drop of glue if it tends to slip out.

The final challenge is to screw the top part into the bottom..

Now you can fill it with tools and other stuff. Also it's water proof inside so you can plant some small plant in.

At least keep on drinking OJ..

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Such a great Organizer... Sadly we don't get OJ juice here in Pakistan:(


    Reply 7 years ago

    Thank you :-) the organizer sure works with similar bottles. If you are familiar with freeCad I can attach the source files for editing