Introduction: Tooth Brush Timer

the idea is to create a 2 persons timer for toothbrushing

for this, I used a microbit V1 .

It helps my kids to brush their teeth for the recommended duration.

If you have kids and a micr:bit and you want to ensure they have clean teeth; don't hesitate to copy my instructable.


1 micro:bit V1 version

1 laptop with internet access for makeCode

that's all

Step 1: Code Variables

the idea is to allow 2 persons using the microbit even they don't arrive in the bathroom on the same time.

The goal is to allow micro:bit doing 2 animations on the same screen.

For that, we will use the LED folder.

1/ when kid 1 arrives , he pushes the A or B button and the animantion begins for 3 minutes

2/ when kid 2 arrives, he pushes the second button and a second animations begins for 3 minutes as well.

so we need to creat 2 different variables (Timer and Timer 2)

Step 2: Animate Toothbrush

Due to the fact kids can arrive separately, we need to draw 2 differents animations on the same micro:bit.

Thus, we can't use the "basic" folder to create animation.

We need to use the LED folder of the MakeCode application and to draw toothbrush pixel by pixel.

Step 3: Save Your Batteries

in aim to save your batteries, micro:bit has to stop lighting LED when kids have gone.

As consequence, you have to shut off the screen at the end of the loops.

Step 4: Brush Your Teeth

you can now enjoy the micro:bit and ensure to have nice teeth ;-)

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