Introduction: Toothless - Cake Fondant

A couple of years ago I thought I could start to learn how to make cakes more attractive. I saw a lot of interesting posts on the internet, lots of ideas and types of cakes.

Since I like polimer clay modeling, the most similar style is decorating cakes with cake fondant.

I tried a lot of types, but the most I like the fondant from Renshaw. It has the best consistence, and can be easily worked with.

The cake in the pictures I did a couple of month ago. Since then I didn't record the steps of the Light Fury, I decided to take the steps again with the Night Fury from "How To Train Your Dragon" (aka Toothless), to be able to take part in the latest contests.

So in this instructable I will show you how to create a fondant dragon for your cake.


  • cake fondant (Renshaw) - in the colors you want your dragon
  • modeling tools
  • baking mat (non sticky)
  • some water and a small brush (acts as glue)
  • powdered sugar (for non sticky hands)

Step 1: Head and Eyes

We will start with the head and eyes. Since this is the first part of the dragon and also the part which will have the most attention, please invest the most time for it, since the details should be perfect.

Start with a little ball, put some holes in it for the eyes, and a cut in form of the mouth. Press all of it in the form of the wanted face (it might be helpful to use some pictures printed from the internet)

Then add the eyeballs. Glue them with only water. Working with fondant, the best glue you will ever need is water. Since fondant is based on sugar, and water dissolves sugar, adding a little water on the surface will make it sticky.

If you add more water to some colors of the fondant you can then use it as paint. I did this for the eyeball shades.

Step 2: Body and Tail

Body and tail are the next step. They will take more fondant, but don't need so much detail for now.

Start with the tail in the form of a worm. Another cylinder shaped part will be the body, and 4 smaller longer cylinders will be the legs. You will glue them together also with water. After that, please let them dry (in the fridge). After that also glue the head together and again put them in the fridge, while working on the next step.

Step 3: Wings and Tail-wings

Now we are working on the wings and all tail-wings.

Start rolling the fondant and cut the shape with a knife. The bones of the wings you can make using stick-shaped rolled-up parts like in the pictures.

I also used red and white to create the missing part of Toothless's tail.

If everything is ready, get the body out of the fridge and glue it all together again with brushed water.

If some parts are still filled with powdered sugar, then you can remove it with the brush.

Step 4: Finished!

This dragon you can then put on any cake big enough.

I would recommend covering the cake with fondant first, and also model some flowers, stones, crystals, etc. like my cake.

I hope you enjoyed it and will try it out. Send me also comments with the links to yours.

Have fun!

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