Introduction: Top 5 Arduino Robot Car Which Will Blow Your Mind.

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Hello friends in this tutorial we will see Top 5 Intelligent Robot Car of 2020 with full steps, code and circuit diagram. In upper video you can see the working of all these robots. In this projects you will interface with : " Table edge avoiding Robot", Human following robot, line follower robot, Bluetooth controlled robot, IR remote controlled robot and also Android controlled robot.

We are using Arduino in all these robots. So, watch full tutorial and steps to make one of these....

Project 1 :- Human following Robot
Let's start to how to make it... If you want to save time without reading this tutorial then watch below video in which all parts and instruction is discussed. For more projects -

How to make :

Step 1: All Files and Links

Here's the Parts List:

Code -
Circuit -


1) Arduino Uno -

2) Motor Driver Shield -

3) Wheels (4x) -

4) TT Gear Motor (4x) -

5) Servo Motor -

6) Ultrasonic Sensor -

7) Infrared Sensor (2x) - ) 18650 Li-on Battery (2x) - 7) 18650 Battery Holder -

8) Male and Female Jumper wire -

9) Acrylic Sheet - (Offline Store) 10) DC Power Switch -


1) Arduino Uno -

2) Motor Driver Shield -

3) TT Gear Motor and wheels set -

4) Servo Motor -

5) Ultrasonic Sensor -

6) 18650 Li-on Battery (2x) -

7) 18650 Battery Holder -

8) Male and Female Jumper wire -

9) Acrylic Sheet - (Offline Store)

10) DC Power Switch -

Step 2: DC Motor

Arrange 4 DC TT gear motor and sold wire on all as below image. All these TT gear motor link is given in this tutorial.

Step 3: Acrylic Sheet

Take a piece of 13 * 9.5 acrylic sheet as shown in image. Link is attached in this tutorial.

Step 4: Motor With Acrylic Sheet

Attach all DC motor to all corner of acrylic sheet with glue-gum.

Step 5: Wheel With Motor

Take a rubber whell amd attach it with motor.

Step 6: Arduino and Motor Driver

Take an Arduino board and Motor driver and apply it on the Acrylic sheet as shwon in image.

Step 7: Servo at Head

Take a servo motor and attach it on the front part of Acrylic sheet as shown in image. This servo motor will look like the head of robot.

Step 8: Ultrasonic and IR Sensor As Eye

Take a Ultrasonic sensor and IR sensor attach it on a 3D printed small piece as shwon in figure. This ultrasonic and IR sensor look like the eye of robot.

Step 9: Battery

In the last stepvtake a battery holder and a 9V li-ion battery. And attach battery holder with the Acrylic sheet.

Step 10: Robot Is Ready

So our human following robot is fully ready. You can see it is looking so cool and awesome...

Now jump for the code..(Code file is attached in this tutorial last part) After uploading the code now you have to just power up and test it.

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