Introduction: Top 6 Turkish Desserts for the Taste Buds

Turkey may be known for their kebabs but the truth is, it’s also a haven for those who have a sweet tooth. Visit your nearest Turkish restaurant, check out their menu and see if they have any of these delicious Turkish desserts up for grabs.

1. Baklava

Starting with one of the most popular and instantly recognizable Turkish dessert, the baklava is practically Turkey’s “National dessert.” It is mainly made up of layers of thin phyllo pastry, layered with honey or sweet syrup along with nuts or pistachios inside. Oftentimes, this is served as a snack during daytime or simply provided after meals.

2. Asure

This is a unique type of pudding that is served on a particular time of year. It is created to celebrate the time when Noah’s ark landed. The dessert is meant to echo Noah’s last meal while on the ark when he simply asked every person to place their last food inside one big pot. Expect some tasty mix of nuts, fruits as well as grains inside this one.

3. Tavuk Göğsü

Since you’re in the process of treating your taste buds, how about an extraordinary dessert like the Tavuk Göğsü. This dish was considered a big hit with the Sultans of the Ottoman Empire. It is mainly a pudding with tasty chicken and milk added into it. This is one of those desserts any Turkish food lover will appreciate.

4. Sütlaç

This is another common dessert you’ll find in almost any Turkish restaurant. It is the same as rice pudding in Western culture but these are instead covered with cinnamon. There are a variety of ways to prepare this meal but at its most basic, it’s a really simple dish.

5. Kazandibi

This dessert might not look too appetizing at first but don’t be put off by the caramelized and slightly burnt appearance. Even the name itself when translated means literally “cauldron bottom.” Regardless, this is a super tasty treat worth exploring.

6. Dondurma

Finally, no Turkish dessert list is complete without the traditional Turkish ice cream. When you first look and try out Turkish ice cream, you’d see the difference in consistency with Western ice cream. Plenty of restaurants offer traditional Turkish ice cream for dessert but if you happen to be visiting the country, you can find the best ones in the region of Maraş.

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