Introduction: Top & Bottom Planter

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I love gardening. I hate rotten fruit and veggies. Alot of rotten veggies come from produce sitting on the dirt after ripening  I found the upside down tomato growers on the  market to be unnecessarily expensive and a little annoying to setup. This multi section bottom makes placing the plant easier. The cost for this setup is roughly half price. This project takes less than an hour including planting.

I may expand later with instructions on side plant nooks.

Step 1: Materials and Tools

Hand saw
Scroll Saw
Exacto Knife
A mounting hook

Two buckets (Some plastics are more brittle and some are more conducive to growing produce/not leeching)

Step 2:

I put one bucket in a vice and hand sawed off the bottom leaving about an inch of upright bucket section.  I then went to the scroll saw and cut in half removing the small center section. Create the smallest opening for this section you can so you leave room for plant growth but limit dirt drop. 

For the other bucket use an exacto knife to make a much bigger hole. Leave at least a one inch lip to support the sections.  Make the hole big enough to fit your plant in.

Step 3: Conclusion

Installation is a snap. Just carefully put the plant in. Place one segment then the other. I filled with three kinds of dirt.  The first layer being super nutritious the second more common  dirt and the third to slow down the water as it runs through the pot from the top. I planted cherrie tomatoes in the hanging section. For the top I planted calathea which is pretty and low maintenance.  Side nooks are also fun if you want to do a bunch of small plants herbs or flowers. This project is a nice way to get more plants in a full garden and to get more produce from your edibles.

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