Introduction: Top Ramen Nachos

I eat ramen a lot... Like almost daily... There's no better cheap food that takes almost no cooking time and nothing but water, a bowl, and a fork. Top ramen nachos started out when I was waiting on chicken nuggets to cook. More specifically on the oven to preheat. I grabbed some tortilla chips and salsa and started chowing down. After putting the nuggets in the oven I decided to make some ramen. (I'm very impatient when it comes to food, hence my ramen addiction.) With the ramen and water in the bowl, chips sitting there, and the smell of nuggets filling my small living space a lightbulb went off. And that's how Top Ramen Nachos was born.

Step 1: Ingredients

All in all pretty simple:

Ramen Noodles (Flavor does not matter)
Tortilla Chips
Chicken Nuggets

Step 2: Cook the Nuggets

Cook the chicken nuggets as directed on the packaging, plan on about 10 nuggets for 3 people.

Step 3: Quarter the Nuggets

Use a knife to quarter the nuggets. Or, alternatively, tear them up as small or large as you want.

Step 4: Fix the Ramen

Cover the ramen with water and microwave 4-5 minutes or whatever the package says. Drain a much water out as possible BEFORE adding the seasoning packet (Unless of course you enjoy soggy nachos) Only add half. Save 1/2 of the seasoning packet for later...

Step 5: Tortilla Chips

Spread the tortilla chips out as flat as possible so they don't move too much when you add the other ingredients to it. Try to leave one side exposed to grab onto, but of course bury some for those few last, great nachos.

Step 6: Ramen Transfer

Transfer the ramen from the bowl to the top of the nachos. I used a spatula but honestly you could just dump it on top.

Step 7: Nugget Placement

Take those little nugget bits of yours and place them around the outside of the ramen. You can take the leftover bits and tear them up and sprinkle them on top.

Step 8: Cheese!!

Take your nacho cheese and go nuts! I suggest keeping it on the ramen just for the sake of having chips you can grab on to when you go to eat it.

Step 9: Time to Eat!

Sprinkle the other half of the seasoning packet on top and ta-da! Enjoy your creation! This could always be modified by adding whatever meat you wanted, hot peppers, or salsa. Next time around I think I'll get some sliced jalapeños just to spice it up a little bit. Experiment with different flavors of ramen, hot or mild cheese, maybe even use Doritos instead of regular tortilla chips. Make it yours, make it good, and eat it slow!