Introduction: Torch

This is a pretty simple torch.

I used a glow stick, but you could use a mini-flashlight or LED candle.

Step 1: Top of Torch

This should have 4 sides and a top - the bottom is left open.

Print this on thin paper so the light will shine through.

Step 2: Bottom of Torch

This should have 4 sides and a bottom - the top is left open.

Make sure the torch top fits inside the torch bottom.

Make sure it doesn't drop down too far.

I added a few sheets of facial tissue in the bottom of the torch to keep the glow stick up near the top and keep the top of the torch from sliding down too far.

Step 3: Light the Torch

Add a glow stick and insert the top of the torch into the bottom of the torch.

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    It makes me happy when the Minecraft world crosses with the Papercraft world. Great 'ible!