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Introduction: Torch Lamp


So, the first day into the design class, we get our first assignment to make a lamp, with the help of our workshop. And our course instructor, wanted it to have an "awwe" factor! So this was the attempt for it. Hope, you guys like it!

Step 1: Materials

You need to have the following:

-Red lamp bulbs (or yellow/orange)

-Bulb holder

-Wire and plug

-One wooden block and one thick wooden ply

-Two aluminium strips of considerate sizes and one aluminium rod

-Some gum (Dr Fix-It)

You will also need:

-Wood cutter, wood polisher, sanding machine, and different wood-shape-giving instruments

-Mallet, hammer and other basic tools

Step 2: Getting Started

With the limited time and resources, we started working on our project. So to make the main structure we found a rectangular block of wood which we converted into a round, cylindrical and beautiful body of the torch. We worked very precisely to give the required texture on it. We smoothed it with the sand paper and finally our basic structure was ready.

Step 3: Working and Assembling

Next we had to make a hole in the top of the torch to insert the wire and bulb holder in it which we accomplished by using drill machines of different sizes. We also drilled a hole in the side to get the wire out from the torch.

Our basic structure was almost ready. Next we had to make the torch holder. We found a thick piece of plywood which we cut into a beautiful shape .Then we stuck two thin aluminium rods into the plywood at the correct distance and then we bent them at the desired angles. Next we bent thick aluminium strips into two open circular ring and stuck all the pieces together with the help of drill and glue(Dr Fix-It).

Step 4: Working Out the Electrical System

With our torch and its holder ready, it was time to convert it into the lamp. We inserted the wire from the top and got it out from the side hole. Then we placed the holder on the top and connected it with the wire. Finally we put the bulb and tested it to find it working, perfectly.

Step 5: Finishing!

With our model ready, it was time to make it appealing to the eyes. We placed an aluminium wire mesh on the top to give it a vintage look. Finally we painted the whole thing black and our 'Torch Lamp' was ready.

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