Tornado Bottles




Introduction: Tornado Bottles

Get in a spin making the amazing Tornado in a Bottle!
Amaze your family and friends by having a portable tornado! And you recycle two old bottles!!!
Just follow these instructions.

Step 1: You Will Need

You will need:
//2 Litre bottles x2
//Gaffer tape/duct tape
//Washing up liquid

Step 2: Where to Start

What do do:
Fill one of the 2 litre bottles just over half full of water and pour one drop of washing up liquid into the water.
Now pick up the empty 2-litre bottle and join the necks of the two bottles together.
You need to make the join between the two bottles very strong, so wrap A LOT of gaffer tape / duct tape around the neck.

Step 3: To Create the 'tornado'

Turn over the bottle with water in very quickly and 'waggle' the bottle (you need to practise this technique!) so the water is swirling around into the empty bottle below.

Hey Presto! Your very own tornado!

Step 4: The Science of It!

Science Bit.
When the water is spinning down the neck of the two bottles, the air in the bottle rushes up to meet the water.
This creates a vortex.

Real tornados are created when a column of warm air rises and air rushes in at ground level and it begins to spin. If the storm gathers energy, a twisting, spinning funnel then develops.

Tornados are the fastest winds on earth reaching up to 300 miles per hour!

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    13 years ago on Step 2

    tip from experience: if you place a washer between the two bottle openings, you will get "better" tornadoes. The outside diameter of the washer should be the exact outside diameter of the mouths of the bottles. washers this size usually have a hole with the diameter of about a pencil. (roughly 9mm) It doesn't matter whether you use rubber or metal washers. This example: shows a rubber plumbing washer. I added this to the ones I have made because I noticed on the storebought tornado makers always had a smaller opening between the bottles for the water to flow through.

    i am unerring
    i am unerring

    13 years ago on Step 4

    it's true. i put green food coloring in it. it does look better.


    14 years ago on Step 4

    acctualy, that not how they form.first, its a spinning tube laying horizontal (i forgot the name, but i learned it). hot air rising lifts the tube up. it connects to thunder clouds (yes, a tornado is part of a thunder storm). as the storm gets stronger, so does the tornado. also, if you add food coloring to the water 1. you can see it better 2. it looks cooler! :)


    Reply 14 years ago on Step 4

    i did this.


    14 years ago on Step 2

    heres a harder but more efficiant way to join the necks together. use a drill to put a hole half as large as tha cap. do this in the center. then, use super glue/hot glue to join them together. make 1 - 3 circles of clue around the hole. press together. now, if you need to change the water, just unscrew the cap and refill.


    14 years ago on Introduction

    ahhh, creating tornadoes in bottles of water, what kid hasn't done that good times