Introduction: Tornadoes

What is a Tornado?
The tornado is a weather phenomenon that occurs following an air rotation intensive and low horizontal extension, which extends from the base of a cloud mother.
The base of this cloud is located at altitudes below two kilometers and is characterized by large vertical development.
Tornadoes are vertical funnels air to spin very fast. Its winds can reach 400 miles per hour.
Born in thunderstorms and are often accompanied by hail.
The fujita scale measures the magnitude of tornadoes and the damage they cause levels.

Step 1:

Preventive measures

If you get to see a tornado , seek shelter immediately . If the tornado is still far away , you can help many people if you report the news from a radio station or local TV .
Try to stand under a sturdy table . If possible , cover your body with a blanket , sleeping bag or mattress and protect your head with anything available including his arms. Try not to take refuge in rooms that are together or under heavy objects like refrigerators and pianos because the floor where they can weaken.
Emergency kit :
° Drinking water and chlorine for at least three days .
No radio and flashlight , and extra batteries .
No toiletries and plastic bags ( will be used to collect waste )
° First aid kit including medication that may be needed and prescribed . Do not forget to check the expiration dates occasionally .
No matches and candles.
° Emergency Food and can opener , for three days .
No credit cards and cash.
° A spare key to the house and car .
° A sleeping bag
No emergency tools .
° Sturdy shoes

Step 2:


It is recommended not to leave the house and away from the windows while in case the tornado as it can cause death. Normally it is recommended that if there is a basement, you should use because tornadoes devastate homes and completely destroyed. Consider that must be programmed such investigations more often because it helps the student to understand in an objective and practical issues that will develop, because for us it was a very special experience to see how to contact an air mass cold with warm with this came a small-scale phenomenon called tornado.

Step 3:


The tornado is formed by the collision of cold dough and hot mass, that scientific advances now be predicted accurately. The formation of a tornado that one of the countries that are most frequently affected by tornadoes is the USA. The natural phenomenon of tornadoes while science has managed to predict and prevent loss of many lives, control and defects out of hand of man.

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