Introduction: Tortilla Press.

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Wanted to make a tortilla press that did not require any wood screws or nails. Thought that his would be an excellent test of the Gorilla glue. Actually the wood is so hard that drilling into it is too much for my old poor drill.

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Step 1: The Plan.

What's needed.
1 - board - At least 8 inches wide and 2 - 2 1/2 feet long. (Do not have any specific measurements as I did this project on the wing).
2 - strong door hinges.
1 long bolt and nuts/washers.
Except for the hinges, all was parts and scrap from the  garage.
Common sense to figure out the measurements by drawing it on a piece of paper to scale.
Gorilla glue.

Step 2: The Parts.

Step 3: Put It Together.

Place the lever in the cutout section so that a hole can be drilled through the base and the lever.
thread bolt through the base and the lever. Add washers and nuts as needed.
Set aside.

Step 4: Glue It Up.

Glue the hinges to the rear of the unit. Let dry.
Glue one face of the lever base to the inside face of the man base. Let dry.
Glue the small block of wood to the upper base.  Let dry.

Step 5: Use It.

Put a golf ball size of dough between two sheets of plastic.
Mash down a little.
Open up tortilla maker.
Put plastic with dough inside on the bottom plate of the tortilla maker.
Put top plate over plastic.
Use the lever to apply force to mash down the tortilla flat.

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