Introduction: Totally Glueless - USB Drive Nest

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I got kinda tired of the USB drives just floating on the Panduit wire raceway, so I decided to build them a home - a nest next to my WiFi Router.

I avoid glues - especially with plastic.

I wanted to make this easy - flat pack - no bending the plastic this time.

Step 1: Thanks to These Guys!

I went to Maker Case, where I could put my material thickness, box dimensions, screw size and length, and the box type,in the interface.

This next still uses about 12 screws with my tweaks - overkill, and next time I'll modify the drawing some for even fewer screws.

I'm using 1/8" acrylic -- in reality, about .118" thick not .125"

I'm using #8 @ 1/2" as the screw size.

Since I wanted this nest to be Totally Glueless, I chose T-slot edges, and my .svg file was downloaded to my computer..

Step 2: From Maker Case

Here's a shot of the .svg that Maker Case produced. I went ahead and tweaked it for my own needs in the next step.

Step 3: Ready for the Laser

I edited the .svg in Corel Draw and added the mounting wings - I wish I'd made the wings a bit larger.

I'm including the Corel Draw .cdr file and a .pdf with the drawing.

Step 4: Assembled and Mounted

With the 1/2" #8 screws, I assembled the box, then hung it on the wall to hold the hard drives.