Introduction: Totally Reversible Camera Tripod Into Mic Stand Hack

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I had a camera tripod but I didn't have a mic stand, and I am on a budget.  If you didn't have a tripod already and wanted a mic stand it would probably be cheaper to just buy a mic stand, BUT if you, like I, have a free tripod on hand, this project lets you make a nice accessory which will help you to use it as a mic stand.  I bought a little less than $6 in materials to make this project.  If you have a tripod already, it shouldn't cost you more than about $10.

Step 1: Supplies!!!

Drill (drill press would probably be even better!)
3/8" drill bit 
Adjustable wrench (or wrench for 3/8" nut)

Tripod with 1/4" mounting screw (this is standard size)
Shock mount or microphone clip with standard 5/8"-27 fitting (I think in other countries there are different sizes, this would be US standard fitting)
3/8" to 5/8"-27 adapter $2, here.
3/8" hanger bolt (with one side made to screw into wood, see picture) $2
1/4" Inner diameter threaded insert for wood $2.
3-15 inches of dowel (0.75-1.5") or 2x2, don't buy anything, use scrap!
3/8" nuts

Note: if you don't have a standard shock mount or microphone clip already, I would experiment.  If you have a European fitting, these are 3/8" and you do not need the additional adapter.  You should be able to get a plastic microphone clip for about $2-4.  Make sure you check thread sizes when you are purchasing/ gathering your materials. 

Step 2: Drill, Baby, Drill!

Drill the length of the hanger bolt from the wood screw part all the way up until the machine type thread (see picture) into one side of the dowel/ 2x2. 

Drill the length of the height of the threaded insert in to the other side of the dowel/ 2x2.

Step 3: Screw Things

Screw one of the nuts on to the machine-bolt-type end of the hanger bolt as far as you can.  Then use the nut and your wrench to drive the wood-screw end of the hanger bolt into your dowel.  If the depth is correct, you should be able to drive the hanger bolt in until the nut hits the top of the dowel.

Use a penny to drive your threaded insert into the other end.  

(The hole I made for the threaded insert was actually too wide so I ended up gluing it in with some gorilla glue, just make sure you keep the threads clean and that it dries completely before you try to put it onto the tripod base.)

Step 4: Adapt!

Add the second nut and the adapter.

Ideally the top of the bolt would be flush with the top of the adapter, it is like an 1/8" above here, if you have more than an 1/8th I would put more nuts on or cut the bolt  down with a hacksaw.

Step 5: Put Your New Accessory Onto the Tripod Mount

My mounting platform is removable, I never have seen a tripod where this wasn't the case, but maybe cheaper models don't have this feature.  

I just tightened the dowel onto the 1/4" mounting post, just like I would tighten a camera onto the tripod.

Step 6: Set Up Your Mic!

Put the platform back onto the tripod and add your shock mount/ mic clip.  
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