Introduction: Tote Bag Made Out of Toilet Paper Rolls

Step 1: Make the Links

Good ratio for this weaving technique is 1: 4 so I cut up toilet paper 1.5 cm (5/8 in ) wide.

Step 2: The Pinwheel

Make the first pinwheel by wrapping 4 links, one after another and lock the 4th link inside the first one.

Step 3: Adding Pinwheels

You build the next pinwheel by adding 3 links on the right pinwheel.

Step 4: Build Rows of Pinwheels

Building my first row of pinwheels for until I am happy with the length of bag or basket. I added a new row the top right moving back towards the left where the first row started.

Step 5: Three Rows of Pinwheel

Now its the perfect time to add 4 triangle corners to add height.

Step 6: Going Up With Your Rows

After 4 corners are in place, we can the fill the rows moving vertically to our desired height of the bag or basket.

Step 7: Time to Stop and Finish It Off

We can finish it off by folding the flaps and run through our woven basket or bag with needle and thread for extra support (optional if you just want the bag or basket to hold light items like yarn, etc). I thought about glue, double sided duct tape or staples, but I am very happy with needle and thread so far.

Step 8: Try Other Materials

I have tried other materials like milk carton, plastic boxes, magazines, newspapers and brown paper bag. My favorite still toilet paper or paper towel rolls since other materials require a lot more work just to get them ready as links.

Enjoy weaving!

Papercraft Contest 2015

Second Prize in the
Papercraft Contest 2015