EASY MODE: Totoro Cupcakes - a Non-Bakers Take



Introduction: EASY MODE: Totoro Cupcakes - a Non-Bakers Take

I am not a baker.  Therefor this tutorial deals with the decoration of the cupcake - not in the baking of them.  No shame here, the cakes and the frosting were from everyone's favorite Betty - Betty Crocker.

Step 1: Make the Cakes

First, you'll need to make and completely cool the cupcakes.  If you try and frost and decorate a warm cupcake all of your hard work will be for naught and the frosting will melt right off.

As I said before, I used Betty Crocker box carrot cake mix and Betty Crocker whipped cream cheese frosting.  You can use any cake and frosting combination you want as long as the frosting is white.

Step 2: Now Decorate

I used Wilton's Silver Color Mist spray to make his fur and Wilton's gel tubes in black, white and green to draw the details.  You only need green if you want to make his leaf umbrella, I didn't give every cake a leaf so  this step is optional.

Cut a "stencil" out of cardboard that will cover Totoro's stomach so you can spray the Wilton color mist spray over the stencil and leave his stomach white.

Next, it was time to use the Wilton's Decorating Gel tubes for the details.  Note: I considered buying pre-made candy "eyes" but they didn't have the right size in stock plus they tend to be unpleasant to eat, especially for toddlers.  The unfortunate part about using the gel tubes is if your cupcakes aren't flat, i.e. you used to much batter per cup, they eyes and whiskers will run and distort.

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