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Introduction: Touch Lamp Conversion

I love how my lamp looks but I hate doing that twisty knobs to turn it on and off... Who can do that when they just wake up in the morning ...? Touch lamp came to my mind and it's not that difficult if u get the wiring right. I bought the switch from eBay for less than $2 (search touch lamp control switch), used my existing lamp with metal stem and base, grab some electrical tape, wire stripper, wire nuts, some weight and a some glue. Let's start!

Step 1: Open the Base of Your Lamp

#1, make sure u have a metal lamp with metal socket or else it will not work

#2 , choose a lamp with some room at the base so u can hide the switch

Open the base of the lamp by peeling off the felt cover carefully. We will need to glue it back later. Box knife is your best friend here. Mine was filled with concrete so I emptied it all out to make room.

Step 2: Prepare for Wiring

make sure the lamp is unplugged!!! take off the shade and bulb.

At the base, Snip the wire about 1.5 to 2 inches from the stem where it goes to the bulb. Strip and split the wire , you will feel one smooth side (hot) and a neutral (ribbed). Just keep that in mind when you do the wire later.

Do the same for the socket side of the wire.

Unscrew the nut on the metal stem, put the yellow wire ring through the stem and tighten the nut.

Step 3: Wire According to the Instructions

Every switch is different! If you do a quick search online you will notice all the switches look similar but the wires are of different colors and placement! Please make sure you know what you are doing or else you risk tripping the circuit or burning the house down. I posted my switch wiring diagram on there so you can reference. My cheapo switch doesn't come with any instructions other then the diagram on the switch itself.

Basically I have the red connected to socket side hot (smooth), yellow to the metal stem, white is hot to the bulb (smooth), black is connected to both neutral. (Ribbed)

Then test the lamp and Voila!

Step 4: Clean Things Up

now the surgery is almost complete! Just tape with electrical tape so nothing will fall out. I am afraid if something goes wrong the user might get shocked so let's be on the safe side. I also put some weight so the lamp won't tip over. Add some more tape and glue the felt cover back on. Now enjoy your touch lamp!

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