Introduction: Touch Sensing Flashlight

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Make a LED light turn on when you touch metal plates. No buttons or switches needed.

Step 1: What You Need

What you need-

Metal Plates( I used 4)
Wires (idk how many)
NPN transistor (any)
2 resistors (I don't know what ratings they are)
Knife Box
1 9volt battery

Step 2: Wire the Resistors

Attach two wires onto both sides of the 2 resistors.

Step 3: Take It Off

Take the top of the 9 volt battery off.

Step 4:

Attach two wires on each terminal on the 9volt battery's top that we just took off.

Step 5:

Attach the transistor and LED as shown. The circuit diagram will be on the last step of the project.

Step 6:

Attach the two resistors wires together and then attach one of the wires to the Transistor wire that is connected to the positive side of the 9 volt battery's top.

Step 7:

Attach 2 bigger wires to the 2 wires that are left from the circuit.

Step 8:

Tape the circuit in the box.

Step 9:

Make a small hole for the led.

Step 10:

Attach a 9volt battery to the clip.

Step 11:

Close your box and put the two bigger wire ends through a hole at the top that you can make. Test your light.

Step 12:

Tape the metal plates to the box and put the two wires touching two different plates. I did this twice to make 4 metal plates.

Step 13:

It's all done! Now touch the plates and you will complete the circuit with your own hand! Hope you liked the project :)

Step 14: The Diagram

This is the diagram I made this project off of.