Introduction: Touch Sensor Created With Attiny13A

This project was finished long while ago,by the time that i wanted to make a touch pad then searched the internet and found a .c file contains touching function,after poking with it in hardware found it didn't work,but after second thought and modified the wiring indicated by the worked.,I share it now wanting someone to explain it to me.bcz i don't have extensive knowledge behind it could not be called an instructable.but maybe someone may find it useful.

Step 1: Step 1. Wiring of the Project

The resistor between Pin 5 and Pin 6 could be 1M-10M.the higher the more sensitive.

Once finished wiring as you touch Touch Pin5.the led will light up.

Step 2: Step2.Program

For programming,you should refer to the famous High-Low Tech tutorial,which is located at:

The Arduino IDE i used is 'arduino-1.0.4'

I choosed '9.6M'and 'no prescale' before uploading.

Step 3: Step3.Final Step

Please be not so harsh on my inability to explain more in coding,I am still learning hard to catch up.although the coding to me seems like alien language.