Introduction: Touch Sensor & Sound Sensor Controlling AC/DC Lights

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This is my first project and this is working based on two basic sensors one is Touch sensor and second one is Sound sensor , when you press the touch pad on touch sensor the AC light will switch ON , if you release it the Light will be OFF ,and same like sound sensor also is used to detect the sound , for examples if you clap or make the sound the DC LED will ON , if NO sound it's OFF.

Step 1: Main Items

1.AC 230 V Operate Light - 1

2. DC 12V LED - 1

3.12V Relay - 1

4. NPN Transistor 2N4401 - 2

5. Bread Board - 1

6. Resistor 1K-1/4W - 2

7. Connecting Wires

(Note: Here i'm using arduino for only purpose of 5V DC supply,)

Step 2: AC / DC Power Supply

1. AC Power Supply for 270V max. range

2. DC Power Supply for 30V max. range

Step 3: Circuit Diagram for This Project

1.Main circuit for 5 AC light control

Step 4: Two Sensors With Bread Board Circuit

As per Circuit Oriented.any doubt contact mail

Step 5: Video Tutorial

watch video and give comments