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This is a very quick shelf to hold plastic bins for things like toys.  You can see some of the variations on the bins we used over the years in the pictures.  Since this shelf uses dimensional lumber from the home improvement store, it is very easy to build - only uses drywall screws.  I added some simple curves and a cutout on the side for decoration.  Since I built this a few years ago, I don't have build pictures, but all the dimensions are below.  Note that it was photographed as I was moving it out, so the paint is a bit old. :-)

The main wood is glued up pine boards from the local home improvement store - they are 4 or 6 feet long, and 16" wide.  They are just under 3/4" thick.  Sides could easily be plywood, though, since we are screwing in from the sides to the shelves.

I used a shelf width of 48", but you can change that to suit your space:
- bottom 4 of them are 16" deep
- second to top was ~10.5" deep (maybe a 1x12? - this may have been in the garage)
- top shelf was ~7.75" deep (1x8)

The sides are 16" deep and 76" long (high).  I drew the pattern on one side board more or less free-hand and cut them together.

For the base, I used a 1"x2", 48" long board as a short kick-board, and inset it about 1/4".

I used 1 5/8" drywall screws from the sides into the shelf - no rabbets etc.  I used a counter sink pilot bit and used wood putty to cover the holes.  Be careful not to drill too deep - these glued up boards are not very thick, and the screws will sink in a bit naturally anyway.  For a slightly less finished, but faster approach, you could skip the counter sink and just use a pilot hole, then paint over the screws.

I did not put a back on this one - it held up fine, but is not super strong.  Taking it apart was very easy, though :-)

We made the shelf heights to fit the bins we had, so you should make sure yours will fit first.  The approximate shelf positions we ended up with are below - measurements are from the bottom:

Top: 7/34" deep, from 69.75" to 76"
Shelf: 10.5" deep 56.5" to 57.25"
Shelf: 16" deep, 43.75" to 44.5"
Shelf: 16" deep, 31" to 31.75"
Shelf: 16" deep, 16.25" to 17"
Shelf: 16" deep, 1.25" to 2"
kick board 1x2, 0" to 1.25"

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