Introduction: Toy Car IPod/iPhone Dock


This is my first Intructable, so please be patient and/or post some critics also as feedback.
Sorry for my German-School-English!


I saw a lot of very good iDevice docks and docking stations around here, but most of them looked good but also just functional.
So I decided to build something functional AND really god looking.

I am a huge fan of beautiful old cars like American Muscle Cars (Mustang4ever!) and also the old Volkswagen.
This caused a big collection of toy and scale cars around my room, so I decided to combine the love to cars with the love to my iPod and this is the product of this thought!

Step 1: Materials

So here is what you need:

- a appropriate Toy Car
        I think it is good to choose a model of a Van or Truck or something like that, because they have the most space for cables and attachments, also they have big roofs to fit the white iPod dock thingie but it is free to you where you mount it. My car has 1:24 scale, but if you choose a bigger scale like 1:18 and take a coupe or a limousine, you could also attach it to the trunk or somewhere else

- an Apple iDevice USB-cable

- an iPod for testing

That's pretty much it. The tools I used where:
- dremel tool
- cutting knife
- screwdriver...
So you see, nothing special...

Step 2: Prepare Adaptor

You have to cut the edges and sides of the hole in adaptor so that the connector-end of the USB-Cable fits through it.

Step 3: Disassembly

Now you have to disassamble your toy car.
Most little toy cars have not more than 3 screws in the bottom. Some are just clicked together and some others are a combination of both.

In my case it was enough to unscrew the screws and take away the roof, the bottom fell off from alone...

At this point, it is somehow time to think about some form of tuning your vehicle.
You could take the bottom part with the axis and lower them or you take the body and clean it or repaint it.
Feel free to do anything, but all depends on your car model.

Step 4: Cut a Hole Into the Roof

So this is basically the part with the most work.

Place your iDevice adaptor on the roof from the outside AND the inside to see where it fits the most and where you can cut most precise and easy.
To test the inside is important, because ther can be some holes, where door must go in or some sticks where screws go.

Now mark where the adaptor goes best and cut a basic rectangular hole into the roof with your dremel tool.

Step 5: Fit the Adaptor

Now you have to make some place in the edges of the hole where this little grey box in the adaptor fits in.
Cut all away until the adaptor fits perfectly into the hole!

Then hot glue it in place...

Step 6: Fit in the Cable

Put the car or just parts of it back together WITHOUT SCREWING them to see where the cable can go through in the best way.

The put the cable through the car and through the hole in the adaptor. In may case, one of the side doors was already missing, so I decided to lay the cable through there. This side faces the wall behind my desk, so noone would recognize it.

I did not glue the cable to the adaptor!
The big advantage is, that I can easily remove the cable and carry it in my pocket, without having to carry the toy car around.
When you're like me and only have one of those cables, it is very goog, but if you have two or more you can glue it in place of course.
Remember that it depends on your car model, maybe you have to glue it in place because the car would fall over or somethin'.
In my case, the iPod stands stable...


Now put it on your desk and dock your device!


You see, easy and fast to make.
If you used the loosen cable method like me, you can also build multiple different cars.

Hope you enjoyed it, please post comments/critics/feedback!

Greetings from Germany!