Introduction: Toy Car

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I am going to make a toy car using 3D Printer. 3D printers are easy to use and very customizable, you can use to print almost anything. I designed the car using SolidWorks and printed it using Makerbot.

Step 1: SolidWorks Design

Designing the car on SolidWorks is as the following:

Car Body: Main car the size you want with bottom rods and a hole in them slightly bigger than the rods to make clearance fit.

Two Rods: Rods are used to assemble the car body and the wheels with the freedom to spin

Four Wheels: Wheels have a hole in them to be assembled with the rod. The hole must be the same size as the rod diameter to fit interference.

Step 2: STL Files

Those are the STL files for car, wheel and rod.

I uploaded files on Makerbot software and adjusted settings to:

Standard Resolution: 0.2 mm/ layer


Temperature: 230

and then export file to Makerbot 5th generation printer

Estimated time for print 2 hours, Estimated PLA used is 30 grams

Step 3: Final Printed Car

After printing remove rafts, clean any sharp edges using sanding paper and then you can color the car as you like.

Final product is as shown above.

Hope you like it !