Introduction: Toy Fire Engine

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I made this Toy Fire Engine using my Inventables X-Carve CNC Machine. It is 18" long and would make a great toy or gift for a fireman! It could also be made with other tools if you do not have a CNC machine. Watch my video, then follow this Instructable to make your own. I also have links to files, more pictures, and the products I used in my website article for this project.

Step 1: Design and Prep

I designed the fire engine using Microsoft Visio. I traced the basic features from a picture of one of our local fire engines. I exported my drawings as SVG files that I could import into the Inventables Easel software, the set up all of the cut and speed settings. If you like, click here to open my Easel Fire Engine Project and click around to see how it is designed. The fire engine will be made up of 7 lengthwise cross sections that are glued together. I cut seven 19" long blanks from from a regular pine 1x8.

Step 2: Cutting Parts

I sent each of the seven sections to the CNC machine separately. I wrote a number on each one to keep them in order. Two of the sections also contained the wheels and some half-circles that I will glue on as wheel wells.

Step 3: Paint the Interior and Wheels

This was a good time to paint the surfaces that will be inside the cab of the fire engine. It's easier to do this now before it is glued together. I painted it gray and the wheels are black.

Step 4: Assembly

I glued each section in order from the left side of the fire engine to the right side. I used brad nails to keep the pieces from sliding around. Take your time to line up the edges to reduce sanding later. If you are careful, you simply have to sand any excess dried glue off. Drill a hole and insert a wooden dowel for the water canon on top.

Step 5: Paint It!

The sides have some 1/4" and 3/8" holes for furniture buttons. These are intended to look like gauges. I sprayed the fire engine with Primer Filler to help cover the wood and fill in any gaps and imperfections in the wood. I sprayed the middle section with Metallic Silver. I sprayed the rest of it with Gloss Black and Gloss Apple Red. Taking time to mask off each section and let the paint dry before moving to the next section will keep the tape from peeling any uncured paint off accidentally. Be patient. I brushed on some acrylic art paint for the details.

Step 6: Attach the Wheels

I used 11/32" Axle Pegs from the hobby store to attach the wheels. I did have to cut them a little shorter and painted the heads metallic silver. I inserted a washer between the wheel and fire engine so it would spin freely and glued them on. Be careful not to glue the wheel to the fire engine!

Step 7: Finished!

For the finishing touch, I filled the back of the fire engine with some Atomic Fireballs! My wife works for the fire department, so I can't wait for her to take it to work and hear what the firemen have to say about it.

Thanks for checking out my Instructable and happy woodworking! - Steve...

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