Introduction: Toy Sewing Machine With Removable Thread Spool

About: Creations by my children Lillian and Luke in our Homeschool.

Made by my 7 year old daughter. This toy sewing machine has a removable spool, a "needle" and an on/off switch. There are even places to thread the machine and needle.

Step 1: Assemble Your Supplies

You will need...
Duct tape
Sharpie marker

Step 2: Base

Cut 3 oval shapes similar in size. Two will be used for the base. Ours are roughly 5" by 3.5". You will then need a long rectangle shape about 1" in width and the length will be the circumference of your oval. Ours is around 15".

After cut, you will attach tape to the edge of the long side of your rectangle and then attach to one oval. Place next oval on top to complete an oval "box". Use more tape to secure.

Step 3: Side Support

Cut a rectangle with a width equal to the width of the base at roughly an inch from the edge.

Step 4: Side Edging

Now your support post will need edging. Cut another rectangle measuring the same height as your support post but the length will be longer. We found this length by rolling a ruler from edge to edge. You can check it by holding it in place as shown in this picture.

Step 5: Affixing Support Post and Edging

Tape your edging piece and support post together as shown in picture.

Then press half (lengthwise) of a long piece of tape onto edging. And then place on your base and use the rest of that tape to fasten to base.

Step 6: Adding Top and Needle

Finish off the body of your sewing machine by attaching the top and adding a needle.

Cut a small thin rectangle (you can trim off the length later if needed). You will attach this with tape to the underside of your top oval about 1/3 of the way back from the front. You can eyeball this by holding it together to see where the pieces make sense.

After needle is attached with tape then attach the whole piece as the top to your machine. This will be taped along the side adhering to the support post edging.

Step 7: Spool

Cut two circles about 1.5" wide. Fold in half and cut out center on both making to rings. Cut a rectangle about 2.5" high and bend to make a tube. Tape together the edges. The tube circumference should be similar to the size of interior circle. Position rings above tube and tape in place. Repeat for opposite end of the tube.

Step 8: Winding Your Spool

Using yarn, tape the end of your yarn to the spool and thread it until it is full.

Step 9: Spool Holder

Using another rectangle taller than your spool, make another tube. This will be used to hold your spool so it needs to be smaller than your spool opening. Tape it together and then tape it to the top of your machine toward the back. Looking at a real sewing machine can help with proper placement.

Step 10: Details

Places to thread machine:

Using small rectangles, tape cardboard strips in different places including the tip of your needle. This will give you places to thread your machine. You should bend your cardboard strips in half and tape leaving the bent part sticking away from machine.

On/Off switch:

Tape a small rectangle to the back of your machine as shown in picture to have an On/off switch.

Step 11: All Done!

Place your spool on the spool holder and find a path to thread your machine. Enjoy!

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