Introduction: Toy Truck

This is how you make a toy truck on Tinkercad.Before you start you will want to place Down the ruler near the top right corner, and set it to inches because all of the measurements will be in inches. You first want to start out by placing a red square And enlarging it until you get your dimensions to be 4,1,1.

Step 1: Raising the Bar.

Now we are going to be raising the bar (Literally.) For this step you will click on the red rectangle, and click and hold the thing that looks like an upside down ice cream cone. Now you will drag it upwards till the little green screen on the right tells you you are 1/2 an inch high.

Step 2: Wheels

Now it it is time for the wheel deal( You can tell that I’m obsessed with puns.) You are now going to place a cylinder, and flatten it almost completely. Then you are going to color it black. After that, when you click on the object you will see a curved line with an arrow on each side. You will drag it till you get it to look like a circle facing you.

Step 3: Placing the Wheels.

You take the wheel you created, and up in the top left corner there will be a square with other squares behind it. This is the duplicate button. Click on you wheel and the tap the button i told you about three times. This Will give you for wheel’s. Add the wheels according to the picture.( The wheels will be the same on the other side.)

Step 4: Finishing Up

Now you get another square and enlarge it till it’s dimensions are 2,1,1. Place it on top to where it is just barely inside the body of the truck. Now place a blue triangle to where it will fit the front of the truck. Now you have finished your truck.