Toyota CELICA Winky Eye

Introduction: Toyota CELICA Winky Eye

To get the headlights to move as you want, you need to rout wires from the motors to a controller circuit and a switch from the controller to the dash!

So lets get started:


Her is what you need:

  • 5-core wire (at least 1.3mm^2 or 16AWG) that is HEAT RESISTANT
  • any 3-core wire (for the switch)
  • 2 momentary switches
  • Zipties also HEAT RESISTANT
  • Heatshrink
  • Solder
  • M3x16 screws and nuts
  • M2x16 screws
  • V_STAB ---> (8-40V to 12V 10A)

+ various electronic parts for the contriller board (explained later)

Step 1: Step 1: Get the Controller Ready

1. Look at the Schematic.pdf! Buy all the parts you need to solder the the board.

2. Let the PCB manufacturer of your trust make the gerber file. After you receive the board, solder the components to it according to the schematic. I have also added the project file if you want to modify it: HeadlightController.rar!

3. Print the case and cover with your 3D Printer, and assemble it.

4. Flash the arduino with the provided software!

5. Buy the voltage stabilizer here: (8-40V to 12V 10A)


You can contact me, I can give you the PCB for a few Euros (you need to pay shipping). I can also supply the parts or the ready made controller. For this I have to charge the coast for the parts.

Just DM me on reddit: u/LOL_Meister_97

Step 2: Step 2: Wiring

Look at the disassembled motor!

There are 2 wires for power and 3 for the sensor. You need to hook them up to the controller. So: Disassemble your front bumper, disconnect your battery. Disconnect the motors from the original wires. I then cut the 5 pin connector off and soldered it to my new wire. The old wires need to be waterproofed and isolated, because there is still voltage!! Also waterproof your soldering connection with heatshrink layers and waterproofing paint! Best would be if you get a second OEM connector, though. Run the wires through the engine bay like you see in the pictures. Facing the car from the front, you see in the back left corner a rubber boot with wires running through it. You will feed yours through there. The will appear under the passenger side footarea. That is also where you will place the controller (again see the pictures). For the correct connection please refer to the picture.

Make sure to mount the wires securely. For that purpose are the hooks on the case. You don't want them to get ripped out!

Mount a rotary encoder on your dash and wire it to the controller.

Step 3: Step 3: Powering the Controller

The controller needs 12V power. I run a hotwire from the battery to the controller, the same way as the other wires. The powerline gets fused 30A! As ground you can use any chassis ground you like. I used a screw under the footarea.

Now the important stuff: You do not want the controller to be on 24/7 because this will empty your battery over time. Therefore I run a wire from the ignition (use the one for the radio), that is only 12V when the car is on and floating if off, to the controller. Connect it to the corresponding "SWITCH" port on the controller.

Step 4: DONE

Enjoy your winky eye mod!


  • 1-6 rotary ticks --> open/close

  • 7-16 rotary ticks --> wink left/right

  • 17+ rotary ticks to the left --> half open

  • 17+ rotary ticks to the right--> rapidly open and close, 2+ ticks in any direction to stop

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    3 Discussions


    1 year ago

    What a brilliant idea! This would be fun to have on the right car. I had a '82 Firebird that would wink, unexpectedly. I would have to pull over and hand crack down the stuck head light!


    1 year ago

    Fun, creative, funny! I had an Rx7 that used to wink when I did not want it to ;)

    Alex in NZ
    Alex in NZ

    1 year ago

    Neat. Well done for keeping those winky headlamps going :-)