Introduction: Toyota Landcruiser Multi Information Display Repair

My 1997 built Toyota Landcruiser has a degraded Multi Information Display. The polarizer degraded badly over the years due to heat and UV. The LCD polarizer and analyzer need replacement. I have some old polarizer film stock from Edmund Optics, which I thought might solve the issue.

You can dismantle the Multi Info Display by unscrewing the complete display panel. After you have removed the Multi Info Display, take off the screws to reveal the LCD display. Unlock the electrical connector clip to remove the LCD glass panel. Simply remove the polarizer on both sides of the LCD display by peeling them off the laminated glass-electrode liquid crystals panel. Be careful not to scratch the surface with steel blade or risk damaging the meter surface. The toughest part to be removed are the glue that was applied to secure the polarizer onto the glass. I scrubbed these stubborn glue off with the help of a piece of hard wood. Some water helps to soften the glue. I tried turpentine and thinner, but they don't work well. I didn't want to try acetone as it evapourates pretty fast and therefore cools the glass down too much. This will cause thermal stress on the glass pieces and therefore and risk cracking it. Other solvent might get to the liquid crystal material via capillary effects and dilute it or alter the overall optical performance.

After the bulk of the glue has been removed. I used some Autosol polisher to completely remove the glue stain. Do this gently not to break the LCD glass display panel. I put the LCD glass panel on top of a piece of soft wood as backing material. After the glue has been removed, cut two polarizer films according to the LCD panel size. Make sure that these two polarizers orientation are crossed to each other. Attach the polarizer (at the back of the LCD screen) and analyzer (in front of the LCD screen) on the LCD screen. I just clip them together mechanically, but you can also use some fast curing epoxy to spot glue the polarizer films at the edge of the LCD glass panel. Reassemble the Multi Info Display Meter.

My Multi Info Display works pretty well now after the repair, except that I need to replace one of the blown bulb on the right.I am very happy of the outcome. Give it a try if you have a horrible looking display, but functionally working meter!


1) Polarizer film



2) A piece of wood, hard wood works better to remove the glue.


1) Autosol polisher