Introduction: Toyota Tundra Bed Extender

We lost our F150 to the ice a few years ago, and I kept the bed extender hoping to sell it if we didn't end up with a new truck. We got an SUV for replacement, so I put this bed extender on Craigslist and it never sold. I kept it around the garage for a few years using it as a table. When I got my Tundra this year I decided I wanted to add the extender to it. The beds are the same width so i figured it would fit. I looked into what Toyota was doing and could I convert my old extender to fit the new mounting points.

Step 1: Collecting the Parts

I decided to go with the standard Ford mounts. I bought these from Amazon and got the 10mmX1.5 nuts and washers from Lowes.

Step 2: Remove Tail Lights

I had to remove the tail lights to secure the studs for the extender. I used a T30 socket to remove the bolts holding the lights in place.

Step 3: Drill Holes

I used a friends F150 to get a measurement of where the studs are placed inside the tailgate wall. I used a small drill bit to mark the spot and used a larger bit for the final hole. On the inside of the tail light pocket i had to use a hole saw to make a hole for the washer and nut.

Step 4: Done

I tightened up the bolt stud with a T45 torx socket and a socket for the nut. The extender fits perfectly. Next I plan to get some of these straps to secure it when it is folded out.