Introduction: Toyyo Laser 56 Heater- Tear Down

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This heater is leaking somewhere

So time to tear it down and find it

Step 1: Tools I Used

Phillips screw driver
17mm open end wrench
Crescent wrench

Step 2: SHUT THE FUEL OFF!!! Drain Sump

Shut fuel off at the tank or at the fuesable link

Before u start any work

Then turn valve to the right to close

Step 3: Remove the Front Panel

Remove two screws on the sides
Then lift up on cover should pop off

Step 4: Inner Ballests

On the top u see two yellow wires attached to a round thingy that is the high limit switch.

Remove the yellow wires and unscrew the switch.

Now work your way down and unscrew the aluminum plates one lower,middle,upper where you took switch off

Step 5: Remove the Fan Guard and Circuit Board Cover

Step 6: Remove the Control Panel

Four screws holding panel

Pull the white connectors to un hook

Only fit in one place so no need to mark where they go