Introduction: Tracer Pulse Bomb Fidget Spinner

Hey guys! This instructable will be on how to make a tracer pulse bomb fidget spinner. I had a ton of fun designing and 3D printing this spinner, and now I will show you how I did it.

Step 1: Import Bearing

The first thing you want to do is to import a 608 ball bearing using the McMaster Carr tool. To do this, you will need to go to insert ---> insert McMaster Carr component and then search up 608 ball bearing.

Step 2: Project Bearing

Then, you will want to create a sketch and project/include ---> intersect, and then select the outer and inner body of the bearing to make a purple outline that will help you with your sketch.

Step 3: Creating Sketch

Now you will need to click the light bulb next to the component with the long number to turn it off. Now, draw a sketch just like the one in the image. Copy exactly what I did.

Step 4: Revolve Sketch

Okay, now that you have your sketch complete, you need to bring it to life. Go to Create ---> Revolve and then select the parts that are blue in the image above. Select your axis as the line that sticks out on the right, and then revolve it.

Step 5: Sketch Spinner Shape

So now you turn the bearing and the body off using the light bulb because it's time to create a sketch. Make a sketch on the same plane as the body, and make it look just like the image above.

Step 6: Extruding Sketch

Turn the body back on. So now you need to make the sketch you just made come to life. To do this, go to Create ---> Extrude, and then select all the parts that aren't part of the pulse bomb that need to be cut out, so select cut as the operation. Then, use the blue arrow to cut it all the way through the body.

Step 7: Cap Creation

Remember that cap that I told you to turn off in the beginning? Turn it back on. Then, copy and paste it, drag it to the other side of the spinner, rotate it, and put it in just like the first cap but on the other side. Make it look like the image above.

Step 8: Detail Sketch

Before we get into the sketch, go to Construction ---> Offset Plane, and then click on a flat surface on the bearing that is facing towards you. Then, offset the plane until it is barely above either of the caps (see first image). After that, make a sketch that looks like the second image. TIP: use a slot.

Step 9: Slot Circle

Now, extrude the top part of the slot in the sketch until it seems like a good size. Then, make a circular pattern out of it and make it look like the image above.

Step 10: Sketch Circle

Create a sketch and make a circle that goes around the slots and is like the one in the image above.

Step 11: Extrusion Sketch

Now make a sketch on the plane from earlier that looks like this. If you don't already know, hit 'x' on your keyboard when you select a line and it will turn it into a construction line.

Step 12: Extrude Circle

Once you finish the sketch, extrude the blue circle from the sketch outwards until the three slots are all just a little bit higher than it.

Step 13: Sketch Circle 2

Create a sketch and project the three slots. Now, draw another circle that is like the blue circle in the image above.

Step 14: Circle Extrusion

Extrude the circle you just drew inwards so it creates a hole that goes around. Make it look like the image above.

Step 15: Final Step

Create a sketch and go to Sketch ---> Text and put a capital G right in the middle of the cap (see first image). Then, delete the blank cap on the other side and then copy and paste the detailed cap and move it to the other side exactly like the first. Congratulations, you're done! But remember to always check if everything is in place before you print. Thanks for reading!