Introduction: Tracing Pad

I wanted to make some drawings the other day and I realized it would be easier to trace real pictures and change them into anything you want on paper. You can also use this as a sort of light box to make hand drawn animations. Making this tracing pad is very simple. All you need is:
One flat screen computer monitor (it is best to use one you do not need as your main monitor but you can still use it as you main one as long as you are careful with it.
The next thing you need is a computer or laptop. A laptop is easier to use because you can run dual monitors on it very easily.
Once you have these items all you need is a pencil, paper and a screw driver.
What you need to do is remove the stand from the flat screen monitor so all you have is just a flat screen to use as you drawing surface. Once you hook it up to the computer you are good to go. Just lay it flat, load whatever image you want onto the screen, best to put over white( copying and pasting into MS paint works well) then just trace. If you want to use it as just a light-box then just make the screen all white and put the piece of paper you want to trace on the screen first then the blank page. It works like a charm. Enjoy making you cartoons and well drawn masterpieces! :)