Introduction: Track Guide for Micro Knex Coasters

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Hi! This is Tornado96 with a very useful instructable for those of you who build micro knex coasters. First of all, When you are making a micro knex coasters you should always connect the track every one, two, or three connections. If you don't do this then your track will shake and the car or train will lose a lot of speed. Because of this I have made a way to guide the track very easily. If you make connections to sharp the car will stop. The size of rods that I have used will prevent this problem. This track guide will attach to box style and to pipe support style coasters. Go to the next step to learn how to make these simple connections.  

Step 1: Attaching Pieces to Track

I know this step has only two pictures but it is very important. To build each connection you need a yellow connector, a black rod, and a red connector. Just follow the pictures and image notes. IMPORTANT: ALWAYS attach these pieces to the track before connecting the rods.

Step 2: Adding the Rods

The size of the rod you choose will fix the track into the position you want. In the pictures I have the basic ones.
-If you have a lot of pieces attach the track on every connection. Only attach every two connections if you don't have enough pieces. Attaching every two connections is good for straight but if you make it curved your red connectors will loosen their hold on rods.
-Curve the track BEFORE you attach the rods.

Step 3: Finished!

You're done! (That was fast!). This track guide can twist, loop, and many other things. Here are some elements using the track guide.