Tracking Ghost Door Decor (super Easy)




Introduction: Tracking Ghost Door Decor (super Easy)

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I wanted to create something that freaked out the monsters when they walked up. What better to do that than a ghost that watches your every move!! Super Cheap and Super Easy, I promise! Craft time 1-2 hour!! You can make this as spooky as you want. Mine is G rated.

Supplies needed:

White sheet- twin will work fine- I bought scrap fabric from the local store that was 36" x 108" - You can check your local thrift stores or look for some scrap fabric at your craft store. You don't want the fabric to see through since your going to be using the mask. (see last image) $4.00

Sparkle tulle 36" x 36" or more if you want- Sparkle tulle reacts to black light- $2.00

6" roll of Sparkle Tulle Ribbon- I used purple

Craft full face mask - $4.00

Egg Carton - cardboard works best - $0

Strong craft magnets 10 ct min - if you have a metal front door, if yours is wood then the holiday removable hangers will work -$3.00

Paint needed- sealer, white, neon blue for pupil, black marker, glow in the dark clear- you can go with another color for the pupil but get it in neon so it glows under UV - $4

Wire - coat hanger will work, I used a thinner floral wire because it was laying around - $3.00

Masking tape or hot glue - $1.00

If you had to buy Everything, Your cost should be around $20.00!!

Step 1: Eyes

Supplies needed for this step- Paints, Black marker, egg carton, brushes

Cut two egg sections from your carton approx 1/2" deep

Paint the inside with the sealer and let dry

Once dry, paint the entire inside of the cup white- let dry

I did a nice even coating of glow in the dark over the whites of the eyes excluding the pupil and iris area - let dry

Then I used a thin detail brush to color the iris using the already made circle at the bottom of the cup as a guide- you may need several coats but make sure they're even in coats or one eye will be more vivid than the other

Once all of that is dry carefully take your Black marker and color in the pupil

You can clear coat all of this to weather proof the eyes if you so choose

Done set aside

Step 2: The Ghost Face

Supplies needed- Fabric, Mask, Glue, Razor knife, Brush

Lay your fabric out and figure out where the middle is length wise

**You can use the hot glue at this point to make veins, teeth etc :-) **

Brush on the glue to the top forehead section of the mask - line up the center of the forehead with the center of the fabric leaving 6" of fabric from the edge (see Image 3)

I didn't glue all the way to the edges of the mask so it was softer on the edges, leaving an inch or two before the edge unglued

Work your way down the mask brushing on glue in small sections so you can smooth out the fabric and crease it where you want

Once this is dry take your razor knife and cut slits in the eye sockets and fold the fabric back, glue down (see image 4)

Set aside and let dry

Attach wire to the back side for hanging on the door knocker

** If you're tempted to iron the fabric at this point, I learned the hard way....wrinkle releaser works wonders! **

Step 3: Eyes & Highlighting

Supplies needed- Highlight color in Neon/ Glow in the dark, brushes, Sparkle Tulle, Magnets, Tape or hot glue

Using the masking tape get the eyes lined up even. Lay it down and see if you need to make any adjustments. You can leave it like that or use hot glue the pin the corners down. Be careful not to melt the mask...although now to think of it that may be cool too.

You can use what colors you wish but I went with the blue and glow in the dark I used for the eyes

I did a dry brushing on the creases of the ghost face and light brushing down the front of the ghost I suggest doing this under UV light

I loosened the top screw of my door knocker and slipped the wire behind that- Then fanned the body out and used the magnets to hold it in place.

Using the tulle, I cut my 3' x 4' in half creating two triangles

Using the sparkle tulle ribbon I cut 2' strips and highlighted around the ghost creating whisps of color along the neck area and the bottom

I put one section of tulle going across the shoulders using the magnets to hold in in place - then placed the remaining tulle under the body of the ghost to create wisps at the bottom.

Happy Spooking!!!

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    La Conda
    La Conda

    6 years ago

    i can't wait to make this next week because I have time off to do it

    It will be another great thing in my yard and the kids around here look forward to see what is new this year. Thank you


    6 years ago

    I can't wait to make this!


    8 years ago

    great idea with the eyes I believe I might try it this year