Introduction: Traditionnal Animation Phone Shooter Setup

Here is how to use your phone as a webcam directly into MonkeyJam (free traditionnal animation software, link below), and to build a lowcost and lowtech phone stand.

Supplies needed :

- Smartphone with camera

- Windows computer

- 2L soda bottle

- Knife or saw

Useful links :


Epocam (seems to work with both android and apple ! but didn't test yet)

DroidCam tutorial and links (android),iVCam%20as%20your%20camera%20input

Step 1: Install DroidCam or Epocam on Your Phone and Computer

Follow the instructions detailed in the link below :,iVCam%20as%20your%20camera%20input

or :

Step 2: Make Your Own Custom Soda Smartphone Stand

Take your knife or saw, and make two holes where needed so you can put your desk edge and your smartphone into the bottle.

Take care to mesure the height needed to shoot your papersheet before cutting.

Step 3: Use the Setup

  • Start DroidCam on both your phone and computer
  • Check the connection is well established
    • I had a trouble first, DroidCam told me that my android DroidCam was not up-to-date. Just close and restart both softwares, it worked for me.
  • Go into mokeyjam and add a layer
  • Click the little cam
  • Go to "Camera" and select DroidCam Source 3
  • Start shooting
    • Sometimes MonkeyJam encounter troubles and doesn't shoot, just try to restart (sometimes multiple times...) MonkeyJam, it should finally works.
  • Animates ! :)