Introduction: Traffic Light Controller Using Arduino

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This is a breadboard based project which uses Atmel Atmega 2560 (Arduino Mega) to make a traffic light controller.

The duration of RED and BLUE LED is set to 15 Seconds. The duration of Yellow LED is set to 1 Second.We can set your own duration by modifying the Arduino code.

Also a "plot" figure is attached with the project to help in understanding of allocation of traffic lights.

The cathode of all LED's is attached with each other. It means that they all have common ground level. The attached code can also be modified for other Arduino Products.

Step 1: Requirements

The following things are required to get this project done:

1- Arduino Mega or UNO
2- Four Red LED's

3- Four Yellow LED's

4- Four Blue or Green LED's

Step 2: Pin-outs & Wiring

The Pin-outs & Wiring of Arduino Mega or Arduino UNO and other peripheral is attached with this step, and also given following:


Arduino => LED's

8 => L3 (Blue) , L4 (Blue)

9 => L3 (Yellow) , L4 (Yellow)

10 => L3 (Red) , L4 (Red)

11 => L1 (Blue) , L2 (Blue)

12 => L1 (Yellow) , L2 (Yellow)

13 => L1 (Red) , L2 (Red)

GND => All negative terminals of LED's

Step 3: Upload the Code

Upload the code to Arduino Mega or Arduino UNO to get your output on LED's.

The Arduino .ino file is also attached with this step.