Introduction: Traffic Light Learning Game

In this tutorial, you will learn how to make an Arduino traffic light learning game. Through playing the game, children are able to check if they have the right knowledge of traffic lights. The game is separated into two sections, if the player follows the instruction to pass the section, he or she will earn 5 points. Instead, if the player does the wrong thing in the section, no points will be earned in the section. The maximum point is ten, for the total point of the combination from each section. The player will receive a "You win!" at the end of the game if the total point is ten; if not, the player will receive a "Try again."

Step 1: Prepare Materials

1. Arduino Leonardo

2. wires

3. 2 red LED, 2 green LED and 2 blue LED

4. ultrasonic sensor

5. LCD screen

6. black-colored cardboard and papers

7. tapes and white glue

Step 2: Code Arduino

Step 3: Connect the Circuit

The schematic diagram for the circuit

Step 4: Make the Outward Appearance

Here are steps to make the outward appearance of the project:

1. Cut the black cardboard into 2.3cm*3.5cm, 2.3cm*1cm and 1cm*3.5cm for four pieces each for making the traffic lights

2. Use tape and glue to combine the pieces of paper that are 2.3cm*3.5cm, 2.3cm*1cm and 1cm*3.5cm (2 for each) to make it to a traffic light (this action should be repeated for making two traffic lights)

3. Drill 6 holes with a needle on the two pieces of paper that are 2.3cm*3.5cm and insert a LED light into 2 of the 6 holes (one pin in each hole)

4. Insert the LED lights in the order of “green, yellow, red” and repeat the step for two times to finish making two traffic lights.

5. Choose or cut a box into 38cm*6.6cm, as the main part of the device

6. Cut the black cardboard into two 38cm*10.5cm as the walls on the two sides of the highway, and cut a black-colored paper into 54cm*6.6cm as the surface of the road and the front and back of the device.

7. Use white glue to glue the walls of the highway on the two sides of the device and the surface of the road from the back to the front part of the device (make sure everything fits perfectly)

8. Drill four holes: the first one is on 5 cm away from the terminal of the highway, the second one is right in the middle on the road, the third one is on the left wall that is located 7 cm right below the first hole, and the last one is also on the left wall that is 7 cm below the second hole (which is in the middle on the road)

9. Separated wires from two traffic light and combine them into two main wires and cover them with black tape for aesthetically. Finally, insert two main wires into the hole 1 and 2 and drill out from hole 3 and 4 in order to hide the wires.

10. Make sure the traffic lights which is now located on the hole stuck perfectly perpendicular to the ground.

11. Cut black cardboard into 8cm*9cm and remain a hole that is 4.3cm*2.6cm for inserting the ultrasonic sensor and place the piece of cardboard at the back of the device(the terminal side) at the location that is 5.2cm above the bottom.

12. Place the LCD screen on the terminal angle that is created by the cardboard.

13. Place the ultrasonic sensor on the space that is preserved on the cardboard that is located on the terminal of the device

Step 5: Upload the Code and Finished!