Traffic Light Simulator

Introduction: Traffic Light Simulator

This Arduino project combines buttons and lights to make a nice little traffic light simulator in a Cross way. Have fun and observe! I have made some changes, including button coding and differences in the traffic lights. This projects includes 2 sets of traffic lights to create a realistic Cross way.

Step 1: Materials:

Here are the materials needed:

- your Arduino board

- a breadboard

- six led lights (2 greens, 2 red, 2 yellow)

- a button of your choice

- 6 resistors (220ohm)

- 10 or more wires

Step 2: Attach the First Led Light

Attach your wire to pin 8 on the Arduino board, and the other side to the positive leg on your led. On the negative leg, attach a resistor. Attach the other side of the resistor to Ground (negative) on the breadboard.

Step 3: Attach Second and Third Lights

Connect the yellow and green lights the same way as step one

- yellow can be connected to pin 9

- green can be connected to pin 10

Step 4: Connect Second Traffic Light

Connect the second set of traffic light in the Cross way for a realistic simulation. Steps are the same as previous.

- red can be connected to pin 11

- yellow can be pin 12

- and green can be connected to pin 13

Step 5: Button Connection

Add a button onto the breadboard. Connect a resistor onto the bottom left corner, attaching it onto the Ground (negative) on the other end. Attach a wire on the bottom right corner of the button, and the other side to the power rail (positive) of the breadboard. Lastly, connect a wire to the top part of the button, and the other side to pin 2.

Step 6: Power It Up

Connect a wire from 5v to the Ground on the breadboard (negative)

And a wire from Gnd to the power rail on the breadboard (positive)

Step 7: Coding

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    Elaina M
    Elaina M

    2 years ago

    That looks super fun - thanks for sharing :)