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Introduction: Traffic Sign Date Pin

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Represent your birthday or wedding day in the form of a colorful traffic light-inspired cube with numbers that showcase your date of the moment!

Step 1: Materials List

To make this simple pin, you will need...

  • 3 small cubes
  • a pin
  • glue gun

Step 2: Prep Cubes

To start, if you already have cubes that are painted red, yellow, and green and have numbers on them, start assembling them like a traffic light. If not, pick up 3 wooden cubes from a local craft store, paint each one red, yellow, and green, and let dry. You should buy cubes that are not too small and not too big; 1 x 1 inch cubes should be good enough. I was actually lucky enough to find 3 cubes, 2 of which have numbers on them. The green cube doesn't have anything, but you will see what I did with it in the final image. I wanted my cubes to represent my birthday. So, I painted all except for the numbers I want with the same color paint.

Step 3: Assemble the Pin

Now, once the paint has dried, use hot glue to assemble the cubes together so that it looks like a traffic light. Remember, the red goes on top, the yellow goes in the middle, and the green goes on the bottom. Then, attach a pin to the back.

Step 4: Ready to Wear

What I did with the green cube is that I wrote with white puff paint the numbers that represent my birth year: '91. As a result, my pin represents my birthday: 2/4/91 or February 4, 1991. You can also make this pin to represent your wedding day! For example, if you were married on April 12, 2013, you can assemble the numbers on the cubes as 4/12/13.

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    Carpenter Guy
    Carpenter Guy

    4 years ago

    This is similar to a light switch cover that I made once, I cut the ends off of little blocks like yours and glued them on!