Introduction: Trailer Outhouse

I like a lot of people do not like doing the do in public restrooms and or behind a bush if I can help it. So I decided to make my own tent/privy. The trailer had 4 guides already and the rest was pretty easy. You will of course have to adapt this to fit your needs.

Step 1: Bringing It Together

All I did was extend the guide posts to get better height for head room. Added Ball-Pins to top of these posts for connections, and altered a couple tarps (with Wife’s help) for the coverage part. The altered tarps were the hardest part. Needed cuts to allow the tarp to passed down to ground over the trailer frame and Extra Eyelets in the proper places for connections, both for the top for hanging and bottom for stacking to the ground once up. Wouldn’t want any wind to blow my cover now would I?

Step 2: Easy Setup

I used two tarps that each covered three sides of the square, over lapping at what I would use as the entry side. This allows for a door way that will just hang closed. No Top to it, so you have a lot of light and plenty ventilation.

Step 3: When U Gotta Go You Gotta Go

For the working parts just use your imagination. Buy something meant for this type of thing or invent your own. I found a good seat at a flea market (Medical bed side type) for a few bucks, and that’s about it. Put up the tarps, put in the pluming and go.
Magazine rack sold separately. Warning: Not to be used while trailer is in motion.