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Introduction: Trailer Trashed

So a while back I discovered I had black mold. Since I have a super limited income I've only been able to do a little at a time. So winning would be fantastic since I have no kitchen, only one working  bathroom (out of two) and small things like my bedroom has a floor with giant holes and no flooring on the sub flooring. A thousand bucks would go a long way in helping me out and getting my place to be pretty darn nice. I'm also an Ikea junkie, I buy all my Ikea stuff online since the nearest is in NJ 5 hours away, but winning? I'd make the trip just so I didn't have to live like this anymore. I'm sure someone would give me a ride!

I try to keep a sense of humor about this situation but really, I can't anymore. So please, help me out so at least one person can take the trailer park out of the trailer and I can start calling this place a home!

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    10 years ago on Introduction

    Were you able to get rid of all the black mold? I know that stuff is really dangerous. So I hope you were. We had a house that we bought and then 4 months later we found black mold. We couldn't save our house though, it took over 3/4 of it. It had to be torn down. We didn't have the money for that so we gave it back to the bank. My mother and father in law were living with us and she had to be hospitalized because of it. Deadly stuff black mold is. Hope you win.


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    Thank you. Yes all of it is gone, what the issue is right now is another kind of mold, far less dangerous but just as nasty to my lung condition. I have a type of intrinsic asthma that nearly killed me thanks to the mold, literally 12 hospitalizations in one year for lung/mold issues and I'm still recovering. I've been bleaching and keeping it gone luckily. But before it left the black mold took out my furniture and the furniture I have now isn't much better.

    Really this place shouldn't be saved. But I don't have the money for a new place. If I did I'd get a 600 square foot mobile home. That is the minimum size in my town. I'd love to convert an office trailer. But I can't afford to do that so I buy a few pieces of sheet rock a week or every two weeks and just keep replacing walls. Luckily from the kitchen over, the other two bedrooms and the living area are fine. Beyond some cosmetic issues. Paint, molding etc.

    I hope I win too, a grand that I don't have to spend would be fantastic. Then I could concentrate on other things like new flooring, a new water heater and just in general more costly repairs.